Monday, August 13, 2018

The Account of my Adventure in Mollymook

As indicated in my previous post, I here announce the release of the book, Cthulhu Deep Down Under: Volume 2 (published by IFWG Publishing Australia), in which author Robert Hood included his rendition of my frightening encounter with an alien monstrosity and the temporal anomaly its presence created.

It is a strange tale, told using my own words, though Hood has taken considerable liberties with the text of my diary, as he indicates himself in the explanatory article he wrote to announce its publication and to elucidate how it came about. I do not begrudge him that, as he is a professional writer and I am not. I am, in fact, happy with what he wrote. I am aware that being published in an avowed fiction book may be seen to be counterproductive to my efforts to draw attention to the monstrous events that plague our planet, but the sad reality is that no non-fiction publication would be willing to publish it and I would, at best, be treated as some sort of demented idiot. You may read it and think me delusional but at least the story is out there, and you can decide the truth of it for yourself.
You can access Hood's commentary here. The book is currently available in Australia, New Zealand and the UK, and arrives in the USA in September.

In a future posting, I will attempt to give an account of my interaction with my great-grandfather, Dr Hugo Drakenswode, which will, I'm afraid, be fragmentary and without any adequate scientific explanation. Why? Because none is available. What has happened over the years in this regard is inexplicable. I hardly know what to make of it myself.
If you read the story, and have any questions you would like me to address, I would be happy to do so. Just leave a message here on my site.